Interested in joining us?


Heres a little about us

We are a small run company selling home aromas, of which we add more to monthly! We are growing at a fast pace and would love to have you on board at the beginning of our journey, and be a part of our growth. 

We sell wax melts which are made from soy wax, this is plant based, completely vegan friendly, and much healthier to burn in your home! We sell items to compliment these such as ceramic burners, and aroma lamps! 

We sell other home aromas such as Carpet Fresheners, room sprays, etc.

You CAN sit with us 

Our representatives get 30% commission off their orders, and normally advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook & instagram! If social media isn't your best interest, you can try markets, face to face selling, and so many more other ways. 

Gather your orders together and place one bulk order directly to you, where you can arrange collection from your customers or arrange to get them posted. Alternatively, you can ship direct to your customers! All you have to do is put your customers address instead of your own. 

In order to get the discount, you will need a discount code. If you aren't signing up with anybody, you can send us a message using our Facebook page. Please allow 2 working days for a response.